Monday, October 9, 2017

Tutorial : Make A Waldorf Peg Doll

Make a Waldorf Peg Doll!

  • One wooden peg doll. I like the ones which are solid all the way through as they are a little more stable when standing.
  • merino wool
  • PVA glue
  • Embroidery thread
  • Eco friendly soap


Make three thick layers of merino wool measuring a little bigger than you think you may need as the fibres will shrink during the felting process. 

Cross hatch each layer as this helps the small wool barbs in the fibres knit together.

You will need to make one piece of felted fabric for the dress and a smaller piece for the hat.

Fill a tray with hot water and soap. I usually wear latex gloves to protect my skin for this bit.

Gently pat down the fibres and gently rub them between your palms. As the fibres begin to felt you can work a bit more vigorously.

It takes about 15 minutes to felt them well enough to work with. Once the process is complete (carefully) rinse the fibres with boiling water and leave them to dry naturally or roll in a tea towel and tumble dry.

You can make a stronger felt by rolling the semi felted fibres in a tea towel and putting them through a quick wash in the machine followed by a tumble dry.
I only lightly felted the fibres with my hands for this project and it worked out well.


My daughter wanted to felt a couple of leaf decorations for her dolls cape.
She made an oak leaf shape by curling a strip of merino into a nest shape and felting it between her fingers before teasing and pulling out the sides (with her finger tips) to create a bumpy, rustic oak leaf shape.

I used a length of Lincoln Longwool for the doll's hair as it has a lovely hair like texture.
You could just as easily use merino, mohair or any other wool or yarn that you like.

We brushed a little non toxic PVA glue onto the doll's head and stuck the hair in place.

For rosy hued cheeks we rubbed a little crayon onto a scrap piece of cloth (a high pigment crayon such as a Stockmar works well for this.)


We rubbed the rouged cloth onto the cheeks of the doll.


I love how the cloak/dress came out all rugged. It reminded me of a clump of moss!
I sewing through the middle of the leaves with a simple running stitch ...

...and then wrapped the cloak around the doll and sewed up the side using a blanket stitch although a back stitch would work just as well I think :)


I fit the hat around the dolls head and fixed it in place with a pin so that I would know where to sew.


Finally I glued the hat onto the dolls head with a little more non toxic PVA glue.

And here she is exploring  her favourite place, the garden.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Peaceful Fruit

I love making these felt crowns. I love laying out the beautiful colours and textures and taking time over the stitching. Very therapeutic. I always play gentle music or sit in the quiet when making and crafting. I think the peace comes through.

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