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“The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.”

I believe that all things emanate an energy. When I create I create with love and joy and I believe this comes through as a warmth.Wherever possible I use natural / organic / fairtrade products and recycled packaging because I want that good energy to be right at the root (in the fabrics)

One or two simple, lovingly crafted natural toys are the kind of toys a child will connect to, bond with, love and as the skin horse in the Velveteen Rabbit says " be loved real" in a child's mind and heart. :)

Since childhood I have always loved to make and create. I have fond childhood memories of hours spent sorting buttons, trims and scraps of fabric into dollies, teddies and outfits for them all of course :).

I began to learn the art of Waldorf doll making six years ago. I fell in love with their simple, finely crafted design. I really enjoyed learning how to bring these dolls to life for my own, at the time, small girls. In fact the name "tilly tilda" is the nickname of my six year old girl Matilda!

Waldorf dolls have simple facial features that do not overwhelm a child. A child may bring their own imagination to a doll. Their doll will become a dear and special friend, a keeper of stories and reminder of adventures taken together.

As they are made entirely of natural fabircs the dolls themselves have a wonderfully comforting feel to them.
These dolls are perfect for snuggling under blankies with. They are also very easy to dress up, as there arms and legs are very flexible.

tillytilda dolls are made in the old German doll making tradtion. In accordance with the Waldorf pedagogy they are made using natural materials which are safe, soft and hardwearing.

Children will love to touch these dolls soft mohair yarn locks and hold their comforting carded fleece filled bodies.

My own children have had a few different dollies to play with over the years, however they have always seemed to have a deeper emotional bond with their Waldorf dolls.

Certainly these are the dolls I find them sharing their secrets with, cuddling up to in their beds and taking on journeys in their baby carriers.

After making several dolls over the years I feel that I have now aquired the skills to share these dolls with others.

I take the greatest pleasure in bringing these little dolls to life with great care and attention.

I triple stitch their bodies to make them for durability so that they may become the perfect childhood playmates. Friends that will last for years to come!

I also use extra strong stockinette tubing to line their head and necks and fill them with the softest organic fleece.

I hope that you will find the perfect doll here at tilly tilda :)

Please convo me or e-mail me if you have any questions.

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