Monday, April 1, 2013

A Small Cuddle Gnome

This little fellow is a shy, dreamy soul and would love a friend to play with.


He loves to snuggle up in the button basket and it took more than a couple of slices of french toast (his favourite) to introduce him to you.


He speaks in whispers so I have to remember to hold him up to my ear every now and then to find out what's next.


If it's not the button basket, I'll usually find him snuggled up at the bottom of my yarn bag. Oh, but if only he would wind the skeins for me too! He tells me his hands are too soft and round for such work and that is not his fault I suppose.


I must tell you, he is also a little bit of a dormouse and will fall asleep at the most unexpected moments, so you may need to carry a spare blanket around just in case. He also sleep talks, quite loudly, which I've always found oddly charming all the same.

This little cuddle gnome is available here @ tilly tilda.

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