Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 Luna loves blue skies, blueberries, periwinkles and picnics on the grass.
Her twinkling blue eyes are always brimming with adventures yet to come.

 The cotton reels had barely been wound up and put away in their box before I found her squealing with delight and running headlong out into the garden. She picked all the dog violets that have sprung up around the rose bushes and put them in her hair. "This is the kind of girl Luna" is I thought to myself.

Dreamy and spontaneous! Nonsensical, Serendipitous!
Of course she went outside with Poppy's (Matilda's first Waldorf doll) sparkly party shoes on.

They've not quite sparkled in the same way since. Although they have an ethereal greenish tinge which is very pretty in it's own way I suppose.
This is the kind of girl Luna is...

A wearer of party shoes in the compost pile kind of girl.

She has had much fun trying on all the other doll's clothes and giggling at herself in the mirror.
And it seems all our dolls "blue" clothes seem to have mysteriously gone missing over the last few days!
"Where could they be?"  I wonder aloud.
 While she just looks at me with those innocent blue sky eyes.

No, Luna never means any harm. Her heart is a sweet and innocent one.

 Even if she has got the puppy dog eyes and pout down to a tea.

Luna can be found playing here today!

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