Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Where do all these dolls come from?

Almost all of my work has once been a dream. Not necessarily a sleeping dream, but something on the periphery of my vision in waking hours. Something that needed to become "real;" to be created.
They were, I suppose, an essence that needed expression in form.

Every piece carries a little bit of story in it's fibres.
As I create, a story is being woven through my hands.
That is why each and every doll is unique and their characters become so alive for me.
I hope that this translates. Especially for the children who will play with them.

I remember, as a child I had many plastic toys but the toys that meant the most to me were the ones who could carry a little of my own heart in them.
The soft, quirky, natural toys... My woolen rabbit.... my knitted doll... my threadbare cloth teddy.

These characters nourished my inner life.
So many toys, these days seem to keep the child lost in mind or ego or both.
 I love that innocence of old fashioned toys, homemade, handmade toys; they nurture the heart and soul of a child.

I think that is another reason why I love creating these dolls, crowns and toys.
They evoke the child in me. It's a happy place to be :)

And here are the beginnings of a new story. The "making real" of another dream.... I'm not sure what her name is yet, but I know that she is a deep thinker, maybe a big sister. She has that caring quality about her. And already she is checking the new dress I made her for wrinkles, and showing concern for the smaller dolls.

More to come soon!

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