Saturday, May 25, 2013

A wee pocket doll from long ago and faraway

Let me introduce you to a new little friend!

I found her in the woodlands, quite at home amongst all that is green and leafy.
She had grown up with her grandmother who being part fairy herself had taught her the names of all the plants and animals in the woods.


She carried her little hand knit pouch everywhere she went to gather healing herbs that the woodlands give as free gifts to all who cherish their ancient stories and  wisdom.

The only thing that this little lass was missing was a playmate. A child to befriend and  share the stories of the woodlands with.

She loves to make a cosy home. And does not mind sweeping the floors or dusting the windowsills although there is always a trail of books following close behind her. Although I'm sure no one ever minded that!
And she'll bring you jars and jars of flowers, wild geraniums being her favourites as their scent reminds her of the forestand it is true. She certainly brings a little piece of woodland magic into the house.

Yet, something tells me she also has a mischievous side to her as well though. She has had to be very grown up in the woodlands of course, but I'm sure she keeps putting ribbons and threads in my button basket and buttons in my knitting bag. And more than once I've heard a giggling little voice behind me as I work out what's been swapped.
And look what I found on her dress yesterday!
Yes, she sewed them on herself it seems!
There is surely never a dull day with dolls around.

She says if you want to find her home you'll have to go to long ago and far away, under the moss roots and over the giggling stream. Do you know the way?
Maybe one day she'll take you there herself!

This sweet pocket doll stands 8.5 inches tall.
She has been made of strong and sturdy De Witte Engel of Holland cotton interlock.
She has been filled with sweet smelling fleece.
Her hair is mohair.
Her outfit is made of linen, lace and features three hand embroidered meadow flowers.
She has a little pair of woolen knickers and a delicate woolen hair garland.
She has a hand knit shoulder bag for collecting treasures.

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