Saturday, May 11, 2013


...wants to join the circus. This is what she keeps telling me as she rolly poly's across my bed before falling asleep like a dormouse under the pillow.
If I can never find her it'll probably be because she's fallen asleep under the pillow.
She is a particularly sleepy and snuggly kind of doll.
But, it is true there is a little bit of the circus in her too.
Maybe her great - great - great grandmother was a trapeze artist or her second cousin a sad clown?

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  1. Is she suitable for a very small person. We are welcoming a 17month old little girl into our family soon. My son and daughter-in-law are adopting her.

    1. Hi Patricia :)
      Congratulations! That is the most wonderful news!!!
      Although my little 2 year old plays happily with her waldorf doll (with supervision). As a shop owner I would always rather be prudent and reccomend the dolls with latchhooked hair for 36 months +.
      Many thanks for your interest :)


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