Thursday, May 23, 2013

Working together

sitting beside me, step by step, Tilly and Boo have been making their own pocket dolls. Here Tilly is sewing a tummy button.

Tilly's little doll head on the left accompanied by Boo's little bald baby, who is in need of a wig once we've chosen just the right colour.

And Mama's work side by side, step by step, the greatest learning happens through simply watching, absorbing and then just doing. I love these eveings with my two middle girls, chatting, giggling, sewing.

I love this part. You can see the personality begin to emerge through the gentle contours of the face.

...too be continued

1 comment:

  1. i love your dolls suzy... i think it would be wonderful to learn how to make them. my mom was a big "sew-er" when i was little and she made me several babies and clothes too. you are making such happy memories for your girls.


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