Sunday, June 2, 2013

tilly tilda pocket waldorf dolls!

I love making these sweet as a button pocket dolls
They each have such strong personalities.
 Small, yes, but mighty too!

Here is Rosa June. When she looks at you, you just  know she's got something up her sleeve.
Mmmm, but what you may very well wonder? You just never know with the likes of dolls. Especially, wee ones such as Rosa June.
There is always a little bit of a mystery to them.
Of course she tells me she is quiet and studious. A lover of hot tea on rainy days, but I know there is more to Rosa June than that.
She loves dragons! You can see it now can't you! Something about the love of iridescent green and that glint in her serious, deep brown eyes.
She swears dragons are perfectly real and one day she will fly upon the back of one. I don't doubt her.
 She is tomboyish there is no doubt, and enjoys nothing better than climbing trees and finding a perfect spot to sit reading her favourite book and throwing a pebble in the stream to watch how it plops.

This is Bramble Annie. She lives on a farm and although she looks quiet, she loves nothing better than to pull on her gum boots and splash in muddle farm yard sized puddles much to her mother's dismay for all her sisters are calm and like to keep their petticoats tidy.

There is more about Estelle here.

Little Elodie is shy. Can you coax her to tell you a story? For she is an excellent story teller, with a vivid imagination that can make words come to life! Elodie is a real girl who loves all things princess like and pink. She is a steadfast best friend to all the dolls and always tries to make them smile with little gifts, and arm around the shoulder, or a glittery, sparkly, handmade card! 
She has a soft heart and I think the animals can sense her gentle spirit as they are never afraid to come close by whenever she is around.

This is Cassie. A dreamer who lives by the sea, the driftwood and the shells.
She will sit for hours, making a small dip in a huge dune (for she really is a tiny wee doll ) watching the tide ebb and flo. 
She is a very zen kind of dolly and I feel peaceful just being around her.

You can read about Lacey here. 

And the smallest pocket doll of all ? 
Why that would be wee little Plum Blossom 6 whole inches tall!

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  1. Your pockets dolls are beautiful! Wonderful talent! Are they for sale?


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