Friday, July 19, 2013


Hello Felix! There you are! Yes you do look like you've been playing in the strawberry patch all day!  Maybe doing a little wrestling with the honeysuckle hedge too! 
We really have to give you a sensible hair cut I suppose, but somehow I just can't bring myself to subdue that sweet mophead of yours! It's just so, well, so Felix!

No wonder that hair of yours never looks neat and tidy, you're always tumbling about, showing me your latest tricks.
You've decided once and for all that you are to join the circus like your big sissy Fifi!

She is always sending postcards and letters on crumpled bits of paper telling all about her exciting travels in the Big Top!
Mmm, is this what you are always day dreaming about Felix? Is it what that faraway look in your eye is all about?
Yes, I think it is isn't it :)

I can imagine you tumbling under the light of the moon...

Swinging through the stars on your trapeze!

Yes these things are the stuff  good dreams are made of.

For a small, shy, but spirited star struck boy like you.

Don't worry, little Ned will always keep you company. Where you go he goes remember :)

 Time to pack a knap sack and make your way into the blue yonder.

I know you'll miss us a little bit Felix, especially the strawberry patch. 
We'll miss you too! But great things are in store for a little doll such as you and don't forget fortune favours the brave!

And though you may be small, you are certainly very brave!

Now lets at least give those wild locks a comb. There that's better :)

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