Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tansy Foxglove

Some people seem to have a style in their doll making. I admire this, as you can look at one of their dolls and know instantly who the maker is. It is professional and impressive especially when you see a montage of incredibly beautiful dolls all together on a page.
I've felt rather lacking in this department. I've been thinking this over lately. Wondering why I haven't developed a particular style and stuck to it.  
An answer, or part of an answer came to me...slowly, very slowly. I realised that though I'm not prolific or standard in my work, my dolls seem (to me) to exist  before a single needle has been threaded. 
Before a doll becomes "real" as the skin horse of the Velveteen rabbit might say, he or she has been gestating as a dream in my thoughts, tumbling around my heart and working it's way to my hands.
Each dream is as unique and different as a thumbprint. To honor that uniqueness and individuality I must let go of my preconceptions and my desire for a neat, themed, systematic way of working. I have to embrace the vision that whispers it's story into my ear, it's song into my heart and it's cloth into my hands.
I remember, as a child going to a jumble sale (do they still have those?) 
In the corner of a table, beneath the many plastic dolls and plush bears was a little hand made rabbit with sad blue eyes. I could cry to think of him, as he was lost in a move when I was a teenager. 
Although he was far from perfect, thread bare in part and without stuffing in his middle his blue eyes spoke to me and the loneliness of my child's heart.
They said, "I know you, I understand you, I want to comfort you." And for years he did. He comforted my heart and dried my tears.
If there had been a set of rabbits in his style, made in the same way, I don't think he would have spoken to me. He had to be imperfect, himself, honest and unique. There  never was and never will be a rabbit just a like him.
And so to this little lady...

Miss Tansy Foxglove of the earthy  linen and the jaunty, foxglove hat.

Tansy Foxglove has an adventure in her heart. Wouldn't you like to go on it with her?
She will tell you a hundred stories about the magical places she has been!

She can be found on a Summer evening in a forest glade playing a reed flute, that is more squeaky than melodic (though we're not telling :) And she loves to dance!

She is full of exuberance and is always drawing maps to the places she dreams of journeying to next.
She is a sojourner. 

Always wanting to be on the road with a pony by her side... She has gypsy in her I'm sure.
 Or rummaging through my raspberries, picking all the green ones along with the red.

As you can see she pulled down have my dog roses to make herself a scarf! Well she is nothing if not resourceful!

What a pickle you are Tansy Foxglove!

Yet you also have a tender heart.
You long to comfort with story and snuggles and songs.


Tansy Foxglove is incredibly sturdy and strong. She stands 17.5 inches tall. 
You can read more about her at my Waldorf Shop.

You can see more of Tansy on my Flickr Photostream 
& over here...


  1. WOW... This is very chic lady! I admire this lady. Cheers. Best wishes.Sevgi.

  2. I've just come back to read this a second time, it pleases me so much!


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