Monday, August 26, 2013

Miss Autumn

Autumn has been spending time in the garden today. I tried to tell her that she was to delicate to climb trees but she doesn't seem to think she is a doll at all; made of cloth and linen, soft and fragile. No she is a real, live girl who climbs trees and rolls on the grass!
She has a particular fondness for deers for some reason only known to herself and has taken to one of the girl's favourite books "Rosalind and the Deer."
The smaller dolls have been asking her to read to them and so she has read through our entire collection of Beatrix Potter books this afternoon, curled up my bed and asking for copious amounts of tea with which to wash it all down with!
Then I couldn't find her at all for what seemed like an hour or two, until, at last, with some relief, I spied her outside. At least she had remembered to take her shawl and bonnet as a rather ominous looking rain cloud hovered above her . Yes, I thought your cosy Autumn days beside the fire are on their way. And you can't wait can you?


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