Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rosy Russet Apple

Rosy is the first of my "Sweet and Simple" tilly tilda Waldorf dolls!

Her favourite book is Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter

I wanted to create a doll that was beautiful, simple, traditionally Waldorf and yet also affordable for families with wee ones...
I know what a big part of my childrens' childhoods, their Waldorf dolls have been. They have been secret keepers, companions, friends, and warmth and security for bedtimes.

I want tilly tilda Waldorf dolls to be accessible without compromising on the quality of materials that I use or level of craftsmanship.
I think Rosy fits the bill don't you!

She is made of all the same materials that I normally use: simple, organic and natural.
She also has all the care and attention to detail of my other dolls.
But she is pure Waldorf in that she is simple: No belly button, needle sculpting, bum, knee or elbow dimples, just a snuggly sweet fleece filled body that is perfect weight and size for carrying and cuddling.
Her hair is a crocheted cap made of brushed mohair. Her hair can be finger styled by small hands which is comforting and easy to keep tidy.

Her little dress and pantaloons are again a simple design made of pure linen with three wee plant dyed, organic wool felt Autumn leaves and a shell button. Due to their simplicity of design they are incredibly durable and easy for little ones to take on and off :)

Rosy stands 13 inches tall making her the perfect size for a child to hold and love.

Rosy is a quiet soul who loves to help the animals collect berries and nuts for their winter stores

She loves to be held

Here she is off to find her cosy reading spot

Rosy comes with a little straw hat

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