Saturday, October 5, 2013

Of doll talk and such

This little fellow  has had lots of company on my bed today. My girl's thought he might be lonely and brought their own dolls along for a cup of tea and a chat.
Doll's can be quite chatty as any doll maker can attest so I was thoroughly entertained with the fanciful stories of dolls all morning long. 
Luckily he's now wrapped up nice and snug in his new crocheted blankie. So he won't get any chills while he waits for his clothes to be stitched even though we've had lots of rainy weather today. Sadly, the skies are too dark for me to take any pictures of it.
 Happily rainy days are good doll making days :)
Tonight we'll see his character come to life when I embroider some simple, eyes and a mouth onto his pensive, round face. We might even put some colour in those doleful cheeks with a little bit of beeswax crayon.

Deliciously squishy Rowan Cocoon yarn will make the most luxurious head of hair for some lucky doll.

And what else? Ahh yes, lots of custom orders :)
 It's funny because being an introvert, and someone who tends to like to fly by the seat of my pants creatively, I have been surprised by how much I enjoy custom work.
I have been truly inspired by my customers creative input. 
This Alice crown is one example of a theme or idea that was inspired by a customer a couple of years ago. 
It is one of my favourite crowns as it includes both the usual elements of greenery and flowers along with two well known characters that are quintessentially English.

I never draw or sketch my designs onto the felt first. I kind of feel them out if that isn't too ambiguously put.
I love to let the fibres and my hands merge and do the thinking for me.
 I suppose it is a little like a musician who has played a song he loves many times and can therefore play it without analysing every note.
I get into my creative zone and can be lost for hours.
This is why I only create when I know I will have uninterrupted time to myself, which with 5 girls is not usually during daylight hours. My creating time is usually between around 7 and 11pm and on Saturday mornings when Tani takes the older girls to ballet and Emmy my nearly 16 year old watches Nola  my 2 year old.  

It is really important that I am able to create a space of peace around my work because I believe that these energies transfer and are translated into the fibres of the creation itself. Children are especially sensitive to the energies surrounding things. I hope to infuse not only an aesthetic quality of peace into the work but also an energetic quality of peace too.
I often let myself dream when I work, or I think of the child (or adult) that will hold, see, touch and love the thing that I am creating.
I think of it as my planting peaceful seeds into the fibres, seeds that will eventually take root in someones heart and mind and blossom in their imagination.

Above is Rashie Coats, a new needle felted doll inspired by the Scottish Fairy tale of the same name... Here is the story if you haven't heard it before.

And then there is the wrapping.
I use eco friendly wrapping materials as much as possible.
And I like to keep it simple, elegant and rustic.
I want the wrapping to be part of the experience of receiving a tilly tilda doll and crown.
I want it to be a warm "hello" and a gentle "shake of the hand." 
An introduction and a welcome.

I hope to add a note about doll aftercare and thoughts about doll play with my dolls in the coming weeks too.

I'll also be adding a list of favourite dollmakers, needle feltes and waldorf sites to my sidebar.

Sending love and hugs and "peaceful seeds" to all.

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