Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A different sort of girl...

Sometimes someone comes along who is different from the rest.
They have a little bit of mystery about them. 
You want to follow them, find out where they'll take you.

Mathilde found me and I her.
She is a one of a kind. She has many stories to tell.

The sunlight today seemed just perfect. Her auburn hair caught aflame and the country roses on her dress bloomed.

Mathilde is the first of my dolls for older children. My girls are growing and inspiring me to create something from my heart for them.

A doll that they can gently pose, dress, and dream stories for.

A "Mathilde" doll by tilly tilda

But that is not all.
I did say that Mathilde was no ordinary girl didn't I?

At night, something very special happens to her.
With her the help of the magical shell she keeps in her purse she transforms into a mermaid!

And there's a whole other set of stories there...

So this is what I've been busy knitting and crocheting and sewing these past two weeks :)
These dolls surely keep me busy!
Reading wise I've been rediscovering "The Magic Appletree" One of my very favourite, well loved, dog eared and re-read books of all time. Such a gentle meander through a country year with all the beauty and nuance of the seasons and the seasonal traditions that accompany them.

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  1. She is absolutely gorgeous. She does indeed look like she has stories to tell, there is a glint in her eye of adventures past........

  2. Lovely of course dear mama!!!! Wonderful, brilliant!

    Samantha Disch

  3. Oh my goodness - she is beautiful! xo

  4. I am so impressed - she is an absolute beauty. A truly stunning creation.

  5. She's beautiful! I love everything about her!

  6. Well, hello, Mathilde! She's beautifuL!

  7. Wow, you are quite talented. Mathilde is fantastic!

  8. Your dolls are beautiful!!

    I also have that book The Magic Apple Tree and have re-read it a number of times :)

  9. adorable - and lovin' the nigh time transformation!

  10. Mathilde is beautiful! Love her pretty summer dress and gorgeous hair :)
    The mermaid outfit is adorable!

  11. Mathilde is simply adorable! Love those photos you took of her face. I'm sure she'll be a great new friend for a lucky girl.


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