Saturday, April 5, 2014

a place to work...

One of the most wonderful things about moving to our new home has been having a space to work.
The space I am referring to is actually Emmy's room and I get to use it only when she's not using it but it is still something very special and something I don't take for granted.
It is a great relief not to have  to unpack all my supplies and materiels and take them downstairs to the corner table by the front door every time I want to work, and then have to pack up and move anytime someone comes to the door.
It is also lovely to be able to sit at a proper work table instead of a coffee table as stooping to sew for hours at a time caused a lot of back aches.
Mostly, it is beautiful to have space to lay out my inspirations, my bits of yarn and spools of thread, floss, lace, ribbon and snippets of pretty fabric.
I can look out of the window to the candle trees and dream a little.
Saturday mornings are best for this, when Tani takes the girls to ballet I take a deep breath, clear away the breakfast debris, make a cup of steaming hot tea, ponder whether I should sweep the floors or make something that has been working it's way through my imagination out into my fingers and more often than not choose the latter :)


little inspirations

my grandmother's mirror

candle trees

little visitors


made today!
Available here!


  1. It's wonderful that you have a place to create. I think you have a very cute little visitor too. :)

  2. How wonderful for you!!! It must be so exciting!!! Cathy

  3. Having a space to creat how wonderful.

    I would rather be creating than sweeping floors ;)

  4. So sweet! Lovely pictures! We have a guest bedroom that I converted into my doll studio... its lovely for me but very weird or unusual for visitors when they come over and realize they have to sleep in the "doll room"!

    Many blessings to you as you settle in your new home!

    Samantha Disch {Wild Maple Wool}

  5. How wonderful it is to have a nice place to sit and work on your new creations.

  6. Love it suzy. I also love photos of your new home, God has been so very good to you! Love you. Xx


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