Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Little Herb Robert

 The Song of the Herb Robert Fairy

Little Herb Robert,
Bright and small,
Peeps from the bank
Or the old stone wall.

Little Herb Robert,
His leaf turns red;
He's wild geranium,
So it is said

Cicely Mary Barker

Little Herb Robert is available here at my Waldorf Shop.

 Some little boys like to hide among the hedgerows
instead of sitting down on chairs at tables.
Some little boys like to dream,
and skim shiny pebbles in ponds
and collect snails.
Some little boys like to make up stories
as they wander through woodlands
and then write a poem
on the bark of a hollow log.
about running faster than hares
across the ragged fields...


"Robert" is such a boy, named after Herb Robert "Geranium robertianum" or wild geranium.
Their stalks are red as rosehips and their wee flowers as raggle taggle as any wildflower should be.
They grow in hedgerows, woodlands and wild places.... Just like some little boys do :)

But he has a gnetle spirit about him, beneath the tumble and the "dragged throug ha hedge backwards" tresses.

 And he his very protective of his little sis...

I finally found a home for the handspun (on my drop spindle) organic wool scarf I knitted up last year..


Little Ben's mummy loves rainbows and so a rainbow he shall have!!!

And a blankie scrap to cosy up with too:)

And then there is Matilda, nestled in our favourite corner of the garden among the moss, weeds and pots with flowers with names we can't pronounce let alone spell :) 

There is something magical about Primulas. Not the big, fat, flouncy, blousy, commercial ones but the hidden under shrub and scrub and pine tree ones. The ones that gently bejewel the meadows... With their not quite yellows, pinks, magenta's, peaches and greens.

As for knitting... I've finally nearly finished a simple little "Short Sleeved Sweater" from the book Simple Knits for Little Cherubs using some lovely smooth cotton yarn. Perfect for Summer I hope :). Well I cast on when Seraphina was 4 (she is now 7....Nearly :o !
So it will now be for Nola :) 

And Matilda has cast on the "Velvet Rabbit" pattern form the same book... One back leg done and halfway through the second!

Joining Small Things and Frontier Dreams 

Little Robert is sitting on his favourite playsilk from Beneath the Rowan Tree.


  1. Love your Robert doll. I have a new son in law named Robert and a son named Robert who we call Bob! You dolls are wonderful!!

  2. What beautiful dolls. I had quite a few things I started knitting when we started our adoption process. Since it took two years to complete there were quite a few that have been completed for new babies. It's quite inspiring to have just a bit to do and have a complete project! Visiting from Yarn along.

  3. Wow that doll has an adorable face.I am sure that is the hard part. You are very talented. I really want to try making a waldorf doll before my littlest grows too old for them.
    Lovely crown as well. I am visiting from the Yarn Along.

  4. Your dolls are always gorgeous :)

  5. Gasp! So much magic in just one post! Your dolls are warm, playful, works of art. And I *love* the colour of your yarn. What a dreamy sweater it will make.


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