Tuesday, July 8, 2014

On Rainy Days....

It was a rainy day at Honeysuckle House. Somebody thought that was no fun at all! She had even brought her new sunhat out to play. But there was no sun to play in.

But there were some droplets twinkling on the fuzzy looking tree thingies. And they did  look quite pretty.

 Perhaps not all was lost. 

There may be no icecreams and paddling in the sea but there is dreaming to be done and sometimes dreams are just as good if not better than icecream... Even blueberry chocolate icecream with sprinkles!
Yes, even that.

Sometimes rainy days are good for the soul. Like good, clear, strong broth or tea or marmite on toast.
You can ponder and wonder and dream and become inspired over small things like random objects on your windowsill and you don't even have to feel guilty for sitting down all day with tea and blankets and books and all those good things...Which is nice.

And there is time to make impromtu gifts to friends... just because...

because you can... and you might even include blog post relevant quote on your gift bag. Just in case you ever write a blog post about rainy days.

  ...and of course there is cake. Always cake.


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