Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Waldorf Doll Tutorial / Pattern - Butterfly Baby Bunting Dolls

Roll a ball of yarn to approx 3/4 of an inch in diameter, or about the width of your thumb.
Pull off a piece of wool roving and fold it twice.
Cover the ball of yarn with the roving allowing the end thread to protrude through the middle.
Use the end thread to wrap the neck of your doll.
Take a rectangle of cotton interlock ensuring the stretch runs width ways.
Wrap it tightly around your doll head and pin into place
trim away any excess fabric.
Begin sewing from the neck upwards, re-positioning your pins as you go.
Use invisible stitch to tuck the fabric in neatly and securely.

                                              Use a running stitch to close the gap at the top of the head.                                                                                                                                                                                   
Tie the neck with a piece of embroidery floss.
Split some embroidery floss into 3 strands to make the eyes.

Place pins to mark the eyes and mouth.
Push your needle through the back of your doll's head slightly to the outer side of your pin.Come back down again against the inner side of your pin.
Do the same for the other eye and the mouth. Tie your threads securely at the back of the doll's head.
Rub some red beeswax crayon onto a piece of scrap cotton interlock.
Gently transfer, by rubbing it onto your doll's cheeks.
Use blanket stitch to make the hair.

Pattern for the body.
{You will be knitting one rectangle piece for the body and one triangle piece for the hat.}

  • Using 4mm straight needles and Worsted/Aran weight yarn, cast on 14 stitches.
  • Knit straight in stocking stitch for 3.5 inches and cast off.

Pattern for the Hat.

  • Using 4mm straight needles and Worsted/Aran weight yarn, cast on 14 stitches.
  • Knit for 1 inch straight ending on a wrong side row.
  • Next Row: *Knit two together, Knit two* (*-*) to end of row (10 stitches)
  • Next Row: Purl
  • Next Row: *Knit two together, Knit two* (*-*) to end of row (7 stitches)
  • Next Row: Purl
  • Next Row: Knit two together, Knit two, Knit two together, Knit one (5 stitches)
  • Next Row: Knit two together, Knit one, Knit two together (3 stitches)
  • Next Row: Knit two together, Knit one, Cast off.

Sew up the little body piece and hat piece on the wrong side and turn out.
Sew the hat  using 3 strands of coordinating embroidery floss and a close running stitch.
Fill the body with wool roving and gather the top of the body piece around the neck of your doll to fit. Stitch securely
Fold a piece of tracing paper in half and draw half a butterfly wing shape. Cut while still folded to create symmetrical wings. Alternatively simple cut out the pattern piece at the bottom of this post.
Place your pattern onto a piece of sturdy, wool felt and  trace around with chalk before cutting out.
Thread a beading needle with cotton thread and tie in onto the bottom of your butterfly's body. Come up through the bottom of your wing and thread a bead through. Repeat till you reach the top of the wing and then thread your needle back through the beads all the way down the wing and tie off.

For more crafting ideas we love The Children's Year. It has some simple, natural, seasonal crafts that you can do with and for your children. 



  1. Oh, they are just adorable!
    I love how they develop such distinct personalities under your hands!
    Greetings from a fellow doll maker!

    1. Thank you so much :) I love creating the little faces and making each one unique :)

  2. They are so precious! Love the process, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. beautiful thanks for sharing this. I want to give it a go at some point see if i can do it :)


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